What Is The Strongest Coffee At Tim Hortons US? Best 10 Drinks Ranked

Strongest Coffee At Time Hortons USA

If you are regularly getting your coffee fix from Tim Hortons, do you wonder which is their strongest coffee? I have scoured their menu and ranked them accordingly.

In order to do fair comparisons, I only take the quantity of caffeine in a 10 fl oz cup size. Other factors like flavor, roast profiles are more subjective and everyone likes is different. And bigger serving size more caffeine it contains. For reference, a single shot of espresso has 45mg.

So what is the strongest coffee at Tim Hortons? The strongest coffee by caffeine is the Tim Hortons Original Blend Coffee. The small serving size of 10 fl oz contain 140mg of caffeine.

I comb the information from the online menu. Let get on to the others’ drinks in descending.

Tim Hortons Cappuccino

1. Original Blend Coffee, 140mg in 10 fl oz

This is the strongest hot drink. The small serving size, 10 fl oz has 140mg. It is brew from the 100% Arabica Blend sourced from several coffee growing countries.

According to Tim Hortons, only 3 persons know the blend formula that creates the rich, complex and balanced profile.

They roast it to medium dark profile. This coffee has an excellent review and rated 4 out of 5 review of Tim Hortons. Most commented on the great rich and mellow taste. It is just not too strong nor weak and reasonably priced.

2. New Dark Roast Coffee, 135mg in 10 fl oz

Second ranked strongest coffee is the dark roast coffee, it is just 5mg shy from challenging the original blend coffee. The new dark roast coffee is using the same blend but roasted longer for a darker profile.

Being roasted for a longer duration will have more water evaporated and the bean become less dense.

Contrary to the popular myth of dark roast has more caffeine. It actually contains 135mg of caffeine. They launched this bolder and richer new dark roast on October 2020.

3. Steeped Tea (Made With Whole Leaf), 90mg in 10 fl oz

Next in line is the steeped tea. It has 90mg of caffeine. Do remember the longer we steep it, more caffeine may made into the drink. Each cup of tea is steep in the same manner. This to ensure that you have the same tasting experience.

4. Cappuccinno, 75mg in 10 fl oz

A classic of satisfaction mixed of milk, foam and espresso for a fuller mouth feel. A cup of cappuccino has 75mg caffeine. It is almost half of the original blend coffee but has more calories. There are 2 popular add on to choose which are chocolate syrup and cookie n’ cream syrup.

5. Mocha Latte, 65mg in 10 fl oz

Another classic of cocoa mix, frothed milk and premium espresso. The sweet, bitter combination is another must try. However, some customers to comment that it is too bitter and taste sugary to them. There are also many raving reviews.

6. Flavored Mocha Latte, 65mg in 10 fl oz

If you wanted to try something that is rich in chocolate and coffee and yet a bit more fancy. You have the choice of vanilla or caramel to add on the flavor to your mocha latte. Top with cream and chocolate drizzles. But watch the calories, though.

7. Bagged Tea, 50mg in 10 fl oz

This is Tim Hortons specialty tea. Among the choices are Orange Pekoe, Decaf Orange Pekoe, Earl Grey, Green Tea, English Breakfast, Chai, Peppermint, Chamomile, Honey Lemon and Apple Cinnamon. Many customers feedback that the Tim Hortons Earl Grey is stronger than others Earl Grey. If you like strong tea, this is a superb choice. Another tea that has raving review is the Apple Cinnamon, it scored 4.6/5.0.

8. Latte, 35mg in 10 fl oz

Latte is the least amount of caffeine. However, you can add on additional shot. An additional espresso shot has about 45mg of caffeine.

9. Flavored Latte, 35mg in 10 fl oz

Choice of flavor available are chocolate, caramel, vanilla, hazelnut, cookie’ n’ cream Syrup

10. Decaffeinated Coffee, 6mg in 10 fl oz

Tim Horton employs the most efficient decaf process called the Swiss Water method to produce decaffeinated coffee.

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